Venus enters Scorpio

Drinking water is as important to the skin as buying your favorite serum, so make sure your systems are happily hydrated inside and out.

Get to the dentist. Get to flossing. Get to your best oral hygiene of your life. With a total of three eclipses occurring in Capricorn in , it behooves us all get good with our gums, address cavities and decay, and maybe buy stock in dental floss. Lead is the metal related to Capricorn for its density and intensity. Or, just focus on building bone density with appropriate supplements. This new moon and solar eclipse want you to firm up your internal structures and think about how to support these systems. Take stock of which partnerships need to be purged from your life in order for new kinds of togetherness to take shape.

Capricorn teaches us about boundaries. We can use this new moon and eclipse to look at where our personal boundaries help us to, or keep us from, experiencing honest intimacy in our relationships. Notice the emotional walls that you had to build earlier in life that may have kept you safe when you were young, but now just keep you isolated. Conversely, notice where you leak energy in relationships, overextending yourself for fear of being abandoned.

When and where do you need to learn to value your own company more? Which relationships need to be purged from your life in order for there to be room for new kinds of togetherness to take shape? Which relationship dynamics do you not like, but let slide for fear of causing disruption to your partnerships? The new moon, solar eclipse in Capricorn is urging you to have more integrity in all your relationships. You are willing to put forth the effort to succeed, and this attracts positive situations. Helping others can be in unique focus. Filling your daily duties and nurturing a routine leave you feeling accomplished, healthy, and fulfilled.

Good energy is with you for expanding your personal horizons through creative endeavors today, dear Leo, as Mars and Jupiter form a harmonious angle.

Moon Phase Cycle: Bigger Picture

You are commanding attention! Love can be magical today — your powers of attraction skyrocket. This is a good day for competitive activities, exams, learning, and creative activities. You are inclined to make big plans, to see things in terms of the larger picture, and to enjoy expressing your ideas and creative visions with others. You feel passionate about something or someone. You may be attracted to people who seem to need extra care, or there can be warmer, fuzzier feelings in a romantic relationship.

You gain tremendous emotional satisfaction and nourishment from the things you create, your hobbies, or your dating life.

This Month in Astrology – January 12222

With Mars and Jupiter forming a trine, dear Virgo, there can be strong opportunities for improving your family or home experiences. Expanding contact, strengthening ties, and finding peace with your past can be in focus now. You feel more empowered, optimistic, and hopeful about an intimate or family matter.

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Also today, you begin a new cycle in which home life is especially crucial for your well-being as Ceres transits your home and family sector until mid-November. This is a good time for tending to the hearth and making things right, secure, and comfortable at home so that you can more confidently deal with life outside the home. Working on self-image issues can be powerful now with Jupiter also in this area of your solar chart until December. If you need to heal family relationships, this can be a fabulous time to do so.

The Mars-Jupiter trine aspect occurring today increases your confidence for making improvements, dear Libra. Your good cheer and optimism can help strengthen close relationships. Activities with a partner can be satisfying, or pairing up can be particularly productive. Learning new things and pursuing personal interests make you happy and can even be healing at this time. This influence enhances your ability to communicate with compassion and effectiveness, as well as to listen and intuit what others may need. You might express your affection by teaching, mentoring, and otherwise supporting others, particularly with knowledge and advice.

You could experience increased motivation to make more money or to improve your business now, and this attitude can bring greater wealth into your life. This is a good time to work on projects that have long-term appeal, ask for a raise, get more respect on the job, and for business and finance-related thinking. You can benefit from a panoramic and far-sighted vision. Also today, Ceres moves out of your sign and will spend almost ten months in your resources sector. For some, this is about building skills or talents.

Healthy competition is motivating today as Mars and Jupiter form a trine aspect, dear Sagittarius. You are even more independent and pioneering than usual. You can inspire others as you naturally take on the role of a leader today. Opportunities to expand your horizons, perhaps through travel or education, can present themselves. You are more confident and focused. Use this energy to better yourself. Also today, Ceres enters your sign for an extended stay — until mid-November! People see you as especially strong and caring during this cycle that places a lot of emphasis and attention on nurturing yourself and others.

This is an excellent period for nurturing your self-confidence. With Mars and Jupiter forming a trine aspect today, dear Capricorn, you are more intuitive and spontaneous than usual, and you have more confidence and faith in your instincts.

Full Moon Horoscope: January 22 23 & 24, 2016 - Sidereal Astrology

Taking action on a private or domestic matter can be very fruitful and satisfying under the influence of this lucky, enterprising aspect. Also today, a cycle begins that promotes the seeking of comfort and nourishment from some form of retreat, such as time to yourself to reflect, process, and digest recent events, and it lasts until mid-November.

How the January 5 New Moon in Capricorn Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

With Jupiter also in your solar twelfth house, this is a particularly good time for these things! You may be working on forgiving people and situations from your past, which facilitate emotional healing. Anonymous or private matters can be appealing and nurturing, or you could be sacrificing your own time to support others. You may be moving a communications project forward now, and you can be feeling especially enthusiastic about your current interests.

You might come up with an idea for a new and exciting venture. A stronger sense of purpose and fulfillment ties in with your networking activities.

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  4. You may be in the position to put more energy into a group or team effort or into helping others. Pay attention to gut instincts about money and business. Today is about making things happen! You are extraordinarily resourceful, making excellent use of your talents and resources. Also today, Ceres begins a long-term transit of your sector of career, objectives, and responsibilities. You might find yourself mentoring others, particularly related to business. This cycle stimulates your ambition in happy, pleasant ways.

    Feeling in charge and control is especially fulfilling and satisfying now, even healing. Being on top of your responsibilities is a goal and can feel especially satisfying. You might enjoy adding flourishes and creative touches to the work you do. Above are astrological event highlights for the day. Full Horoscopes are at Cafe Astrology. The purple marker above shows where we are in the current moon phase cycle.

    This is a time for seeking out balance, harmony, and peace. There could be a stronger focus on a relationship, partner, or potential partner. The ability to see both sides of a situation or story is a positive, but indecision can be a byproduct. This is a sociable, artistic Moon. Ideas flow freely. We express feelings with clarity and thoughts with sensitivity.

    What the New Moon in Capricorn Means for Your Health, Relationships, and Career in January

    An excellent time for cooperative projects. A good time for taking tests, writing, promoting, public speaking, and studying. We are alert, observant, and our memory is good. There is a nice feeling of harmony and a cooperative feel to this time. Better decision making. We represent ourselves well now.

    We are less fearful and less defensive. This is a harmonious time. There may be clinging or controlling behavior if we are driven by our fears. There may be new roles, new responsibilities, and new visions. With Capricorn ruling goals, it's the perfect eclipse to start a brand new year, helping us to get focused, get a little disciplined, put together realistic plans, and figure out how we want the year to go. It may not go exactly according to plan, but we can be practical enough to understand that - and make backup plans!

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    This eclipse is conjunct aligned with Saturn in Capricorn, amplifying the Capricorn energy since Saturn naturally rules Capricorn. It's also sextile positive aspect, two signs away Neptune in water sign Pisces, and we can trust our intuition, uncover what's hidden, use imaginations and creativity, and do more for others.

    The eclipse occurs at 15 degrees 25 minutes in Capricorn. The aspects to this eclipse are: Conjunction: 10 degrees 25 minutes - 20 degrees 25 minutes Capricorn Semisextile: 13 degrees 25 minutes - 17 degrees 25 minutes Sagittarius or Aquarius Sextile: 10 degrees 25 minutes - 20 degrees 25 minutes Scorpio or Pisces Square: 10 degrees 25 minutes - 20 degrees 25 minutes Aries or Libra Trine: 10 degrees 25 minutes - 20 degrees 25 minutes Taurus or Virgo Quincunx: 13 degrees 25 minutes - 17 degrees 25 minutes Gemini or Leo Opposition: 10 degrees 25 minutes - 20 degrees 25 minutes Cancer Then comes a lunar eclipse on January 21st at AM ET in Leo.

    This will be the last eclipse for a while in Leo, so there may be some finalizing in a way of things that have been shaping up, in development for the last couple of years. Final decisions being made, finishing touches being put on, last chapters being finished before we move on. With Leo, we can be more affectionate and want more attention and praise.